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DAY 4: Digital Culture and Politics of Autonomy Forum

Fecha: 6 Octubre, 2013
Horario: 10:30 a 06:30
Lugar: Salón José Miguel Blanco, MNBA.



Spectral Affection: sensitive bodies in electromagnetic ecologies

In this way bodies were directly delineated, are coupled with sound mapping, focusing on art, their immune systems and spare parts always linked to...

Alejandra Pérez

Autonomy Technologies


Lucas Bambozzi

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 1.14.23 PM


Founded in 1973 in Chicago gallería NAME (U.S.), this facility constataba the perfect organization of the city according to the four cardinal points. The...

Angels Ribé

Space arts



Simone chmabelland

  Simone Chambelland ‘s prints from the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts reflects the space race as a visual reference of an...

history of the relationship between art, science and technology