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The International Colloquiums of the BAM are a space for reflection, dialogue, exchange and theorization about media arts, digital culture, art, science and technology, and the social transformations related to the paradigmatic changes occurred at the beginning of the Third Industrial Revolution. Encompassing a broad spectrum of reflection, these issues will be introduced and, at the same time, deepen in relation to our local history of the following topics: the relationships of art, science, and technology; technologies of autonomy spatial arts. Its aim is to strengthen the local context to participate in a media arts international dialogue, and value the theoretical works of artists and investigators  about the reflection of the evolution of the audiovisual narratives and their vinculation to society. ​​In addition to the talks, a group work will be developed to deepen the topics discussed to elaborate documents that will later be included in the catalog and uploaded to the BAM site.  

DAY 1: History and Present Context of the Relationship between Art, Science, and Technology

Fecha: 3 Octubre, 2013
Horario: 10:00 a 06:00
Lugar: Salón José Miguel Blanco, MNBA.

Margit Rosen (ZKM Curator, DE) David Maulen (Researcher, CL) Carlos Pérez (Researcher, CL) Demian Schopf (Artist, CL) Graciela Taquini (Artist and curator, AR) Moderates: Enrique Rivera (11 BAM Director, CL)

Day 2: Technologies of autonomy

Fecha: 4 Octubre, 2013
Horario: 10:30 a 06:00
Lugar: Salón José Miguel Blanco, MNBA

11:00 Giuliana Furci  (Fundación Fungi / cl)
12:00 Natalia Arcos (Curator / cl)
15:00 Valentina Montero (Curator / cl-e)
16:00 Michael Saup (Artist / de)
17:00 Sergio Rojas (Philosopher / cl)

Pablo Ortúzar (cl)

DAY 3: Spatial Arts

Fecha: 5 Octubre, 2013
Horario: 03:00 a 07:30
Lugar: Auditorio Fundación Telefónica

Gaspar Galaz (Astronomer, CL)
Lizette Guzmán (Astronomer, MX)
Ronald Mennickent (Astronomer, CL)
Gerfried Stocker (Curator/Director Ars Electronica, AT)

Moderates: Javier González Pesce (Artist, CL)

DAY 4: Digital Culture and Politics of Autonomy Forum

Fecha: 6 Octubre, 2013
Horario: 10:30 a 06:30
Lugar: Salón José Miguel Blanco, MNBA.

Marie-Thérèse Champesme (Curator, FR)
Francisco Vera (ONG Derechos Digitales, CL )
Cristián Gómez (Researcher, CL)
Carolina Herrera (Researcher, CL/BR)

Moderates: Javier Ignacio Vásquez (HolónLab, CL)