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Space arts


Thanks to literature and cinema, man reaches the moon symbolically, installing this conquest in the collective unconscious cherished since the dawn of humanity. This link between scientific and technological methodologies, related to artistic creativity and imagination, is analyzed by the researcher and English artist Paul Brown, who explains how the development of computer technology, science has led to develop new models of knowledge. We now know, for example, about the possibility of the existence of other universes through digital simulations that blur the distinction between reality and illusion. According to Brown, “both walk together in a holistic model, which modifies the relationship between the observer and the observed, between the signifier and the signified.”

The scientific imagination in this context discernment abstract space, where logic is suspended voluntarily to levitate toward methodologically untestable areas, associated with the useless and freedom expanded.


No ones land

This series of paintings are part of a theme I’ve been exploring some time ago and it is related to natural areas indefinite, vague, impossible to locate on the map. Spaces usually framed within a particular state: the night. From there, board the night nature often associated with certain mysticism, paranormal events and rituals, contemplation [...]

Matías Santa María

Downside up

Downside Up is a black and white video, in which appear indeterminate forms in space. Then there are a few seconds of waiting in a poetic cadence soft sound, and images become shadows of people marching down a street. Some are walking slowly, others running or biking. As in Plato’s cave, we only see the [...]

Fiona Tan

Neo Andean archeo-astronomical observatory

Enclosed space intervened with an object or concentric model made ​​with adobe or earth, which rotates in the center and infrared LED lights on the sides or in the sky. Archaeoastronomy based object (or the ancient science related to the stars). The subject land is a dome or cylinder crushed amid a dark space. The [...]

Carolina Ibarra

Carmen / Shakespeare

The project CARMEN / SHAKESPEARE is the result of dialogue and confrontation of two artists who wish to establish a bold mixing different artistic territories to compose a “prismatic object illuminated by several lights”. A “multi-purpose generator stories”: perhaps a contemporary opera? The sound reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Bizet’s opera are the starting point [...]

Francisco Ruiz de Infante
Olga Mesa
Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 11.59.56 PM

Dénouement (Outcome)

This video presents the act of tying a black sewing thread several meters to a snowy landscape. The writing is of a high thinness, floating between drawing and volume. The short black wire cuts the white area into two, dividing the screen into a diptych. The camera shows a reverse angle of a black-clad body [...]

Ismaïl Bahri
Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 11.36.32 PM


Wind is the recording of a performance made ​​by the artist in 1968. Located between fields and relentless sea coast, Joan Jonas portrays a group of actors move through a landscape hard, windswept. The film, in black and white, uneven, and in fast silent-film evokes early while the localized content in the interstitial parts towards [...]

Joan Jonas

Space contact

This interactive audiovisual installation is primarily intended to introduce visitors to the world of the stars in person. It consists of a navigation system with sensors that detect the movement of the hands, so they can move at will through the world of the stars in a kind of space travel. Using cylindrical architecture from [...]

Amigo de los insectos
Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 1.23.29 PM


In the Episode “NUCLEAR ZEN I – KEIBO OIWA” we will introduce Keibo Oiwa’s meditation on 3/11 and the events following the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi. Keibo Oiwa is a cultural anthropologist, author, translator, environmental activist and public speaker. He lived in North America for sixteen years and holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Cornell University. [...]



In Starfield, Wolfson animates traveling bright spots against a dark background. You can conjure up visions of outer space taken from science fiction productions, where the look of a space traveler wanders through space. Still, the animation is merely a version of the Starfield screensaver, popular in the ’90s. Also, the film can be considered [...]

Jordan Wolfson

Metz Starmap

Metz Starmap is a topographic map made ​​by Neal Beggs from the plane of the city of Metz, reinterpreted as the sky map. The map of Beggs transcribed, in an original and poetic urban territory cleared of useful information and references usual. Covered in full black with white dots representing the “peaks” of this city, [...]

Neal Beggs

UFO Archive

                           This project, develops a metaphorical dialogue on espionage between two times. Time past and hidden behind the Iron Curtain and our current time. The term Unidentified Flying Object, the acronym UFO, is used here as a metaphor for the inability to declassify [...]

Knowledge never comes alone

This work tries to delve into the production of hybrid objects and knowledge, by means of an extensive field work with the collaboration of experts in many different areas whose research methods include the use of concepts such as the invisibility or the difficulty of the parameters that characterize their search, as well as the [...]

Regina de Miguel


Inspired by old nautical charts of the fourteenth century of the same name, this action graphite map redraws a world where only the maritime zones are crossed axes. For simplicity, Portulan revisits these mapping conventions to give an inviting drawing adrift and elsewhere. The lack of scale lose our bearings and opens on possible readings ranging [...]

Benoit Billote
Wide-field view of the region around the Antennae Galaxies

Indefinite Planetarium

Indefinite Planetarium is a facility that intends to expand symbolic experimentally and planetary concept through disciplinary approaches that do not connect directly to astronomy but it may converge expanding readings and reflections, covering ignored aspects of intuitive knowledge or which are usually taken as mere vehicles for the intentions of this science. The Planetarium is [...]

Rodrigo Araya

Chalk circle on the floor

Chalk circle on the floor shows the here and now. For this exploration, “to be” in the present (gift), the work takes us into an immutable reality where everything is eternal repetition. The idea of ​​cyclical time is further reinforced by the figure (the number) of the circle that evokes iconic perfection, natural cycles, and infinity. [...]

Ian Wilson
proyecto el último de los ídolos

Transpatial Project: The Last of the Idols

The Last of the Idols links the representation of a robot in primary colors made ​​by the Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi in 1963 called The Last of the Idols with one of the prints from the artist Simone Chambelland part of the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts, transpatial III, 1970. Both works, [...]

Pilar Quinteros

Leviathan of the Desert, the volatile unknown

The research that gives rise to the first video in the series and Leviathan of the Desert, the unknown Volatile (2013) arises from the intention of collecting various representations of UFOs through the history of our civilization, which subsequently analyze performances from various plastic materials such as cardboard, plaster and metals, which result in retained [...]



Within this space that you can walk thru, is displayed a collection of videos animated  with a logo loop  of the movie company Paramount Pictures, along with photos, text and information relating to the logo of the production house. This collection includes its history since its creation in 1923, through many of its modifications and [...]

Javier González
Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 11.02.28 AM

Promenade (almost) random

  Promenade (almost) random is the product of the latest experiments of the artist. The work is an algorithm created by Vera Molnar and programmed by mathematician and artist Erwin Steller. The forms generated by the mathematical fgura are im-prey and then reproduced on the wall of the exhibition space with the help of small [...]

Vera Molnar
Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 1.14.23 PM


Founded in 1973 in Chicago gallería NAME (U.S.), this facility constataba the perfect organization of the city according to the four cardinal points. The gallery had L-shaped and each end marked a cardinal point. At the center of the gallery, where were the lines linking these points, we installed a second city map corresponded orientation. [...]

Angels Ribé
Yona Friedman

Prototype improvised type “cloud”

Space installation that evokes a Cloud like form, which will be developed by local artists with different materials.

Yona Friedman

Two Parallel Lines

 Description: Two parallel lines, horizontal on the wall. One made ​​up several objects found, aligned next to each other, wire, tape, string pieces, bits of pencil, etc.. The other 15 cm below is a handwritten line, explaining in detail a succession of lapidary formulas that could serve as alternative titles or their autocomentarios work. Interpreting [...]

Luis Camnitzer
fasat alfa MICH

Wooden Satelite

Installation, 2013. 1 – Development in 1:1 scale wood FASat-Alpha, the first Chilean satellite, built under a technology transfer program between the Air Force of Chile and the UK company Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) in 1995. This besides being orthotropic material, will have wheels to facilitate their movement through the city, at the same [...]

MICH (International Museum of Chile)


 Installation, 2013. The number eight represents the balance between the material and the immaterial. Energy and Matter. It carries with it the Universal Law of Truth, which is “cause and effect”. The number eight represents the Infinite. The eighth card of the Tarot is the Force, and represents the struggle between discipline and control. Morphologically [...]

Ignacio Cuevas

Calor Oscuro / Dark Warmth

Video installation with sound, (image recorded imager), 2013, Narrative terms the video is based on the musician and German astronomer William Herschel and his sister and closest collaborator considered one of the first women scientists, Caroline Herschel. William with the help of Caroline built telescopes and discovered the planet Uranus on March 13, 1781 as [...]


Monument Blues

Audiovisual installation, 2012. Monument Blues,  investigates the historical monument made by the reconstruction and compilation of memories, records and fictions, this model builds the Wreck of the Hope, replaces the ship aground by a space shuttle. Then, the painting moves contemplatively into the documentary fiction, which incorporates a narrator, in this case, that appears to [...]

Gabriel del Favero