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history and context of the relationship between art, science and technology

The 11 BAM tributes the milestones in the history of Chile relating to the research, production and associated local exhibition of art, industrial design, media and science.

Emphasis is given to Carlos Martinoya and Jöel Nahum, who developed the Abstractoscopio cromático, one of the major works that initiated the convergence art and science in Chile; the research and prototypes of Industrial Design Group INTEC, that formed a kind of Do It Yourself State; the history of electroacoustic music in Chile, as a global pioneer context of technology use for music creation; the rescue of the paintings of Simone Chambelland, who reflected a sensitive layer of the space age and the Cold War from Chile in the 60s,;and the exhibition of the artist in Argentina NMFA Lea Lublin, who developed a complex system covering the inside and outside of the museum as symbolic spaces of rational and irrational.

As the tributes’ international guest,  the history of Siggraph Animation is reviewed. This is an important meeting considered a milestone in the history of audiovisual animations.

All these instances of multidisciplinary work state current production dynamics.


Economy of the self / Crisis / World Government

Bureau d’études believes that our alienation is strictly related to our inability to mentally imagine a map of the world in which we live. There is no map of organization and systematic control globally. We lack tools to find their way through a system that is still abstract and beyond our reach. Map the government [...]

Bureau d´études

Simone chmabelland

  Simone Chambelland ‘s prints from the collection of the National Museum of Fine Arts reflects the space race as a visual reference of an era of rapid technological advances and how the structures of the ferries and ships, mainly arising from functional purposes possess formal aspects aesthetically appealing, they are part of a visual code [...]


Electroacustic music

” Electroacoustic music is an expression that uses various technological means such as audio recording, sound synthesis , signal processing , algorithmic composition and sound reproduction , both analogue and digital. Such procedures can be performed on a delayed or in real time , ie a fixed media (tape , CD, hard drive) or generated [...]


Methodological naturalism #3

Research Line The botanical drawing is a natural building what part from an anthropocentric view and not from the same specimen. In the visual features illustration, reflect more the culture that produced that represent properties of the specimen. The Natural Sciences have and continue to compose scientific representations of nature to colonization and furthermore project [...]



Through a video whose content is modified according to the collective approval (Individual opinion), which alludes to the idea of ​​the model proposed by Cyberfolk: “Cyberfolk was an experiment by Cybersyn team. Conceptually consisted deliver people the chance to have a real time connection with groups of government decisions from their homes, and thus participate [...]

Cristián Lira
Esquema funcionamiento


The following article was written by Chilean physicists Nahum Carlos Martinoya and Joël commenting experience relevant to the construction and Chromatic Abstractoscopio display. It was published in the second edition of the journal Leonardo 1968: In December 1960 was held in Santiago de Chile, at the National Museum of Fine Arts, an art exhibition called outdoor [...]

lea lublin - stgo chile 4

Lea Lublin

“Outside things happen, there is a socio-economic process in place, there are flowers in the gardens, there is a new face of labor, there is hope. Inside the Museum intellectual scheme works trying to explain the phenomenon. “ Ernesto Saul. Now Journal, December 28, 1971. Chile. In December 1971, Lea Lublin, argentinian artist held an [...]



The INTEC was a multidisciplinary technologic research group that operated in Chile from 1968-1973. Founded with the purpose of acting as an active agent in the process of technological modernization of the production sector and services, was formed by different research groups to which they were asked to conduct applied research for the national industry. [...]