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Documents about Video in the 80´s

  The selection of texts and a video that follows in the Digital Archive, approach the art video production during the eighties, from different experiences and ways of production. Go to link...


Projections: reflections, dialogs and practices related to Matta-Clark


On Saturday June 22, at the National Museum of Belle Arts,  we had the great opportunity to talk to Gerry Hovagimyan  www.nujus.net, who was the assistant of Gordon Matta-Clark once, we covered anarchitecture, media arts, and other forms of non-domesticated production. It started at 4pm with the sample of the documentary about Matta-Clark´s restaurant FOOD, that he ...


Fungi Foundation

Imagen 1

The Fungi Kingdom is essential for the life of the Earth’s ecosystems and the beings that inhabit it. We see the gradual recognition of this claim in Chile, and its proactive insertion in our society. The Fungi Foundation’s mission is to deepen the scientific knowledge of the Kingdom  of Fungi and raise its valuation in society, through research, ...

ESO – European Southern Observatory

ESO is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organization in Europe and the most productive astronomical observatory in the world. ESO operates on behalf of its fifteen member states, three sites in Chile: La Silla,Paranal y Chajnantor. Together with international partners, they built ALMA and designed the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). In the 11th BAM, we will show the result of the ...

First glimpses of Curatorial program

The system proposed biennial curatoria of hybridization between the methodologies of exhibition of visual arts (curatoria) and cinematographic (programming), approaching a possible context reading of works, concepts and dialogue that aims to provoke this meeting. The biennial meeting in if filmmakers of both worlds, and many others who have been interested in quickly this convergence, ...