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Satellite spaces

Satellites paces form a network of exhibitions of the 11th Media Art Biennale.

Different locations in different parts of the capital.

A symbolic act of decentralization and openness to the community that we want to keep and then replicate through our cities.


SPACE, Fundación Telefónica / 12:00 hrs.

“Extreme Spaces”, Regina de Miguel, CDA Atacama Desert Center (Horacio Larrain and Josefina Hepp), Constance Gazmuri, Gabriel del Favero (cl).

Providence 127, Providence.



Aesthetic Center Gallery / 12:00 hrs.

“Wonderful Machine”, Claudia Gonzalez (visual artist / cl)

3959 Poppies B, Providence



Gallery Macchina / 19:30 hrs.

“Multitudes” Luke Bambozzi (Artist Multimedia / br)

UC East Campus. / Av Jaime Guzman Errazuriz 3300, Providence



Metropolitan Gallery / 18:30 hrs

“History” Nestor Olhagaray (visual artist / cl)

Felix Mendelssohn 2194, Pedro Aguirre Cerda.


Historia aviso


History is a young girl who moves with her eyes closed in the dark showing her hands confidently deployed as a canopy, being that your eyes need to be guided in the darkness. Surely he has a history, certainly is subjected to the force of the pioneers who have blown the walk. Possibly the only [...]

Nestor Olhagaray